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Episode 1 : Replacing an Old Door; Hot Water Without Waiting Episode 2 : Building a Garden Bed in New Mexico; Repairing a Leaky Toilet Episode 3 : Replacing a Kitchen Faucet with a Hands-Free Model; Installing a Channel Drain to Divert Rainwater Episode 4 : Installing a Pre-hung Front Door; Using Big Containers for Screening and Shading Episode 5 : Installing a Shade Sail Over a Deck in Santa Fe; Installing a Hybrid Water Heater to Save Energy Episode 6 : Replacing a Leaky Skylight; Repairing a Noisy Toilet Episode 7 : Planting a Maple Tree; Working on an Underground Bathroom Episode 8 : Preparing for Severe Weather Episode 9 : Demonstrating Uses for a Router; Replacing an Air Conditioning Unit Episode 10 : Installing an Irrigation System; Installing a Heat-Pump Water Heater Episode 11 : Installing Crown Molding in Seattle; Replacing a Rotted Fence Post Episode 12 : Installing a Whole-House Humidifier in North Carolina; Installing Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Episode 13 : Waffle Gardening in Santa Fe; Adding Mechanical Dampers to a Forced-Air Heating System Episode 14 : Repairing a Rotted Porch Post; Dealing With High Indoor Humidity Episode 15 : Fitting a Mattress Up a Narrow Staircase; Repairing a Light-Switch in Seattle Episode 16 : Clawfoot-Tub Shower and Bedroom Fire Escape Episode 17 : Building a High Tunnel Greenhouse; Converting Recessed Lights into Pendants Episode 18 : Quieting a Squealing Shower; A DIY-Friendly Security System and Video Camera Episode 19 : Starting Plants from Seed; Replacing an Outdoor Hose Spigot; Movable Kitchen Island. Episode 20 : Planting a Low-cost Privacy Screen; How to Seal Ductwork Episode 21 : Patching a Hole in Baseboard; Maintaining a Lawn Mower Episode 22 : Celebrating 300 Episodes Episode 23 : Building a Simple Table; Getting Rid of Tree Stumps Episode 24 : Making a Home Accessible; Modifying a Bathroom and Dangerous Staircase Episode 25 : Replacing Outdated Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lights; Working With Concrete Episode 26 : All About Kitchen Renovations; Chef Michael Symon

Ask This Old House Season 12

The crew at This Old House take on some pretty big projects, which means they can only work on one or two houses a year. But homeowners have a virtual truckload of questions on smaller projects, and the This Old House crew is ready to answer. Ask This Old House solves the steady stream of home improvement problems faced by viewers - and the crew even makes house calls!

Genre: Documentary

Networks: PBS

Release: 2013-10-05

Status: Returning Series

Episode: 404 Episodes

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Rating: 3.3

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